Privacy Policy Page

The right to confidentiality and privacy of the child and the family is respected as outlined in Code of Ethics- Early Childhood Australia, the Department of Education and Communities and Human Rights Act. We will respect the privacy of children and their parents and educators, while ensuring that they access high quality early years care and education in our Service. We aim to ensure that all parents and Educators can share their information in the confidence that it will only be used to enhance the welfare of their child.
  • Information given to Educators will be treated with respect and in a professional manner
  • Developmental records and other information, that contain the child’s full name and/or personal information on the family will be stored away from public viewing
  • Charts detailing allergies and daily medication will be displayed within the service and staff areas in a discreet manner to ensure all Educators are aware of the specific needs. This is in the best interests of the child
  • Only necessary information regarding the child’s day to day health and well-being will be given to the non-primary contact Educator, for example: food allergies
  • Families will only have access to the files and records of their own children
  • Confidential information includes but is not limited to:
    • Enrolment Form details
    • Developmental Portfolios and observations
    • Behaviour management plans
    • Medical & health information
    • Family Court Orders and restrictions
    • Personal family information
    • Incident reports
    • Medication records
    • Correspondence from support agencies or health professionals
  • Educators will not discuss individual children with people other than the family of that child, except for the purposes of curriculum planning or group management. Communication in other settings must be approved by the family beforehand
  • All educators and volunteers within the service will be given a copy of this policy upon commencement of employment/volunteering to read and sign as a part of their orientation 
  •  Information relating to staff employment will remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions
  • Any concerns or evidence relating to a child’s safety will be kept in a confidential file and will only be shared with the Nominated Supervisor and the governing body for reporting
  • All visitors to the Service are made aware of our confidentiality policy and are required to respect it
  • Information shared with us by the family will be treated as confidential unless told otherwise
  • Confidential information such as a child’s medical history will only be disclosed without written permission in a medical emergency 
  • All records will be stored securely
Parents or primary care givers may request access to any confidential records held on their child/family following the procedure below: 
  • Any request to see the child’s personal file by a parent or person with parental responsibility must be made in writing to the Nominated Supervisor.
  • The Nominated Supervisor will respond by written acknowledgement.
  • A time will be arranged at the earliest convenience for the family to view the file with an Educator if desired in a private environment.
  • Permission will only be granted to the primary care givers of the child. Court Orders stating restriction will be upheld.
  • Permission for Support agencies or other third parties to view the file will only be granted upon approval by the primary care giver in writing to the service.
If certain information (is requested) to be withheld to the viewing party the following procedure will take place:

  • A photocopy of the complete file is taken.
  • The Nominated Supervisor will go through the file and remove any information which a third party has refused consent to disclose. This is best done with a thick black marker, to score through every reference to the third party and information they have added to the file. 
  • What remains is the information recorded by the setting, detailing the work initiated and followed by them in relation to confidential matters, known as the ‘clean copy’.
  • The ‘clean copy’ is photocopied for the approved applicant who is then invited in to discuss the contents. The file should never be given straight over, but should be gone through by the Nominated Supervisor, so that it can be explained.
  • Legal advice may be sought before sharing a file, especially where the parent has possible grounds for litigation against the setting or another (third party) agency. 
All the undertakings above are subject to the paramount commitment of the setting, which is to the safety and well being of the child. Please see also our policy on child protection.

This policy was made with consideration to the Code of Ethics- Early Childhood Australia, Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, National Quality Framework and the Privacy Act 1988.  

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