Right from the start I was impressed with their positive and caring attitude towards providing outstanding outside hours care for young people.

 …They focused heavily on the flexibility of their program and how the service they provided was orientated around the children and what they enjoyed.

 …It was also apparent that they didn’t want the company to grow exponentially and loose this personal aspect. This was one of the main reasons behind joining the Leapkids family.

 …It has been a pleasure to work alongside such passionate people and I look forward to working on future programs within the Leapkids family.

 …Their generosity and care towards myself and other employees was outstanding. At all times I felt supported and encouraged to make decisions that would benefit the program. I truly felt a valued member of the Leapkids family where together we could make a difference to lives of young people.

 ….Lovely to finally come visit the program and see what you offer at Preston South – it has a lovely welcoming and homely feel.

 …The team at Leapkids are commi'ed to nurturing and empowering all involved, including the children, their parents, sta& and other service providers associated with the program. It was a pleasure to work alongside such passionate individuals to deliver an experience that will no doubt be remembered by the team at Leapkids and the children themselves.

 …There are many qualies to admire about this family run company. Undoubtedlyone of the qualies I most admire is their absolute advocacy and commitment to all families within the local community.

…They understand %rst hand what it means to communicate e&ecvely with culturally diverse families and have exceeded in creang a posive mulcultural environment.  

…It has been an absolute pleasure to work for Leapkids, a company who connuously strive to improve their service and who genuinely have the interests and wellbeing of children, families, sta& and the wider community at heart.